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Black Clay Tequila/Mezcal Shot Glasses

• Typical Mexican handicraft mezcal container made of black clay from Oaxaca, Mexico

• Each one is handmade, not exactly the same


Smooth, black clay, handmade tequila/mezcal shot glasses in the shape of the recognizable calavera (the skull). Perfect for enjoying some good mezcal around the Day of the Dead. 

Reference Size: H 50mm *D 45mm 



Round / Tall With Pattern

Handmade, carved cups from the black, Oaxacan clay. What a better match for enjoying some good mezcal than the glasses made of material with the same origin. 

Reference Size: H 55mm *D 55mm (Round)

Reference Size: H 92mm *D 36mm (Tall)


Mexican Glass Cup (Bottom With Cross Pattern)

• Traditional mezcal glass manufactured in Mexico
• Fluted votive engraved with a cross
• 2.7oz (80ml) capacity 
• 2.38in (60 mm) height


Jicaras - Mexican bowl for Mezcal

• At many palenques (mezcal distilleries), jicaras are used by maestros mezcaleros (master distillers), palenque employees, and their guests. The jicara is a container derived from the bark of the fruit with the same name. The use of jicaras dates back thousands of years

• Materials from natural, size are different


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