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Barro de Cobre
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Mezcal Barro de Cobre, this mezcal originates in Rio Ejutla, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Barro de Cobre can be found in 2 versions:


  • Espadín 100%   (43% Alc. Vol.)   750ML


Notes:  Principal aromas -- Wild herbs, mud, butter, menthol, raw wood, thyme, pineapple, citrics, vanilla.


Aftertaste: Young Agave, herbs, menthol, citrics, white flours, clay, fine alcohol, Dry flavor with agave Espadín notes, wet stone, mint, pine, thyme, butter and cocked agave.


Pairing: Raw fish (Ceviches, sushi, sashimi), cherry tomatoe.


  • Ensamble (Espadín-Tobalá)   (43% Alc. Vol.)  750ml


Notes: Principal Aromas: Freshly cut grass, subtle alcohol, wild agave, cacao.


Aftertaste: Wild herbs, clove, piloncillo, vainilla.


Pairing: Pesto pasta, capresse salad, lamb rack.




They say that, when in doubt, ask the man with the longest beard; for good things take time and great things longer. We believe in taking our time, doing things the proper way. Twice. This is why we distill our mezcal two times, using clay and copper pots.


We are the proud first to conceive this unique blend of different distillation processes, and so it is where we draw our name from. Strong yet smooth, clear yet earthy.


Barro de Cobre is the result of a thoughtful and reflective process, a tribute to an ancient craft and artisanal wisdom. One sip at a time, slowly working your way to enlightenment. For patience truly is a virtue, rare and exquisite – just like our mezcal.


Maven: / ‘ meɪvən / <<noun>> a person with profound and acquired knowledge.

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