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Tequila Cascahuin  

Cascahuin Blanco
750ML 40% ALC.VOL.


It’s characterized for the mineral touches originated from our soil of  El Arenal Jalisco. The dominant flavors and aromas of the cooked agave are attained from the cooking in brick ovens, which in turn maintain the freshness of citrus flavors.

View: Clean and Transparent.

Aroma: Citrus fragrances of lemon and lime.

Taste: The taste produces a sweet taste and detailed bitter touch natural from the cooked agave, with its characteristic flavor of freshness citrus and herbaceous of he agaves of the area.


Tequila Cascahuin  
Blanco - 11 Brix
cascahuin 11brix_PNG_2.png

Cascahuin Blanco - 11 Brix
750ML 53% ALC.VOL.


With the Cascahuin team's curiosity and passion for tequila has led them to assemble 3 fermentations in a single distillate, obtaining a degree of 53 ° for called it… 11 Brix. 
In the 11 Brix edition its 3 white tequilas were distilled at 53% alcohol volume so it does not have a dilution with water and had stabilization in stainless steel tank for 5 months.
11 Brix is a tribute to one of the processes they love most of tequila which is fermentation, for this edition have combined three types of white tequila with different fermentation equipment to know a different taste and aroma made of natural way.


Tequila Cascahuin  Blanco (Tahona)

Cascahuin Blanco Tahona 
750ML 42% ALC.VOL.


Seeks to remember the historical flavors of Tequila and reaffirm the sweet flavor that Agave Tequilana Weber gives. It is a product with 100% juice extraction in Tahona, a pre-Hispanic stone that was used years ago to grind agave, resulting in more complex aromas and flavors.

View: Crystalline and Transparent.

Aroma: Very refreshing aromas like mint and some citrus. Keeps the soft and persistent notes of cooked agave.

Taste: With its 42% alcohol vol. It is a Tequila composed of various elements mainly of sweet and herbal touches that are characteristic of the Valleys Zone.


Tequila Cascahuin
Extra Anejo


Cascahuin Extra Anejo 
750ML 43% ALC.VOL.


It was aged for 48 months in American Oak barrels and subsequently a natural stabilization of four years in the pipones of our distillery with more than 60 years old.

View: Natural Amber.

Aroma: Aromas of very ripe and cooked agave, which notice honey, very ripe pineapple, light notes of menthol and darjeeling tea leaves. In addition, due to its ripening time we have aromas of coffee beans, bitter chocolates, red fruits and orange peel. A small graphite note is also hidden for its long maturation time.

Taste: Sweet flavors with a bit of astringency of the barrel, also giving an aftertaste of cooked agave and a robust flavor of our white tequila.
It is a silky drink with a good balance of barrels and tequila, which does not remind us of its long process of 16 years, from the field to its maturation in the barrel.

Tequila Cascahuin
Plata 48


Cascahuin Plata 48 
750ML 48% ALC.VOL.


It’s a Tequila without dilution or filtration with an authentic process in honor of its founder Salvador Rosales Briseno.
*  Each production batch is not more than 2,500L


View: Crystalline and Transparent.

Aroma: The first impression is a very strong fragrance of cooked agave, pepper and fresh herbs. Afterwards, aromas of cardamom, walnut, coffee, honey and butter are released, without losing its characteristics of dry land and minerals from the Valley Area.

Taste: The first taste has a fresh and exuberant touch with mint and fresh herbs, with a pleasant combination of bitter and sweet that spreads throughout the mouth a characteristic of cooked agave leaving a long memory of this. As you pass you feel flavors of honey and natural fruits leaving the final a sweet and rich palate.

Tequila Cascahuin
Cerro De Luz


Cascahuin Cerro De Luz 
750ML 49% ALC.VOL.


Extracted by Tahona, a prehispanic rock that was used years back for the extraction of agave, obtaining as a result of the complexity of aromas and flavors. 



View: Crystalline and Transparent.

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